An Easter Party to Remember

An Easter Party to Remember
The Saturday of Easter weekend in Myrtle Beach dawned warm and clear. I had spent the night at some friends’ home in a gated community, and I do mean gated. There were two. But early that morning, everyone was asleep, and I needed coffee. So off I went to find the nearest Starbucks which was near the beach off 76th Avenue. I rode around, certain I was nearby, when I saw a nice lady walking two dogs, and so I rolled down my window to ask where the Starbucks was.
She looked at me in some amazement and looked up and there was the Starbucks sign. I was right under it. “You can park your car right there”, she said. Quietly but enthusiastically, I said “thanks”.
I had the code to get back into the neighborhood where I had just left, but of course only the first gate went up. The second one just sat there…doing nothing. It was like your computer that just hangs and there is no cursor, just a circle, going round and round. Finally, a kindly older man drove up behind me and said “why don’t you drive closer, and I will put in my card and then you can get in that way”. I agreed and went right inside as the gate rose as if there was no problem at all. So much for security.
The party started at 11:00 a.m. I was trying to be gracious and answered the door a couple of times but gave that up when everyone wanted to know if I was the host’s father. Not a good start. Standing by myself in the kitchen, my friend Elizabeth who was hosting the party with her husband, came up beside me and whispered, “Can you be the bunny rabbit in 30 minutes?”
You should know that a person inside a rabbit costume cannot speak and can hardly breathe. It is hot. But I had only one shot and was determined to make the most of it. I came outside where everyone was, threw up my arms like Richard Nixon leaving the White House for the last time, and nothing happened…Nothing…no children and no adults.
One good friend, who had helped me put on the rabbit costume walked quickly away into the house. She said she was only going to get her camera, but I know better. She was leaving a sinking ship. Finally one small soul came up to me, tugged at my leg and wanted me to pick him up. I did, and the rest was history. Everyone came…it was like being a pied piper.
And then, since I couldn’t talk, I tried to hop…holding onto one child at a time. And some wanted to be held more than once. Lots of pictures were taken. Children were high fiving me and a couple even said in quiet but firm voices, “I love you Easter Bunny.”
I don’t know whether it is possible to go home again, but I do know it is possible to be cool again.


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