Mental Health Study- Arthur

In 1981, now a long time ago, there was a movie named "Arthur" that has become something of a classic. Arthur is a very rich New York socialite alcoholic, who doesn't want to marry the girl that has been pre-selected for him, but he doesn't have the courage to tell her so…and if he doesn't, he will lose his inheritance.  Not until the end of the movie, at the church, just before the wedding, does he tell her, and he is almost killed in the aftermath, beaten up by his prospective father-in-law.  He then stands before all the people to tell them he won't be seeing them anymore because he is going to be poor and needs to go to the hospital, and then he collapses at the front of the church.

In 1993, on a cold Saturday afternoon, Wade Smith told me that story while trying to get me to go to Duke Hospital in their psychiatric wing.  He acted the part of Arthur, while changing the storyline to fit me.  He even fell down on the floor in his own office. I went to the hospital, and that and the subsequent treatment I received over the following years helped greatly to save my life.

In a new mental health hour that speaks about the issues of   depression, suicide, and all of that, I also talk about what Dr. Jean Spaulding called, "living your life in Technicolor".  It is frank, open and very different.

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