Flame-out:  From prosecuting Jeffrey MacDonald to serving time to serving tables

First published in hardcover in 2000, Flame-out is now available in softcover and e-book and includes a new afterword by the author.

Story of prosecution of Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald for the triple murders of his family. Subsequent fall from grace from the practice of law, diagnosis of severe depression, subsequent imprisonment, and later waiting tables in a very public restaurant to survive.  A story of how to survive extreme adversity….a real journey of faith.

It is this story which we need most to hear. It is clear and compelling.”

“Your unflinching honesty helps me a great deal in my own daily struggle with depression. Your testimony allowed me to stare into the face of my own worst nightmare, and realize how close I came to the abyss. Your book is some of the best therapy I’ve had in a while. I couldn’t put it down, and finished it within a day.”

“I was completely touched by this book. When Jim’s life blew up and so many people would not want to be identified with him, he had so many really true friends who saw him through his darkest days. This book makes me want to be that kind of friend to someone one day. This is an amazing story of strength, resiliency, faith, friendship and most of all hope…”

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