Can a bed be a good filing cabinet?

Can the bed be a good filing cabinet?



                I wish I were organized. I have spent a lifetime making lists of things I should be doing today and then after the lists are done, relaxing and changing and doing nothing.  The same is true with all the stuff that I collect every day, the mail that comes, the different documents that I use to work in my business of holding seminars and making speeches.


                When I want to clean up all my paper loose ends, I put them into neat stacks and put them on top of a bed in the guest room in my townhome.  And I feel good about myself.  A couple of days go by, and then I need to find some piece of paper or bill to pay, and so I go to the bed, rumble through the stacks, find what I need and walk out of the room.  And the bed just lies there…a growing and ultimately complete mess.


                Last night I told a friend who was visiting that I had found an eight page summary of a case I had worked on long ago and might use it to start writing a book that I had thought about for oh so many years.   I told her I had just found it which was true.  The problem is that I have just found it a number of times, taking it out and then putting it back on the bed where it eventually goes to the bottom of some stack.


                I think what is needed is a new software program that arranges items for me, not on the computer or in a file folder, but on my guest bed.  Perhaps a picture of every stack, perhaps a way to label the stack as a new one.   The only problem would be that I would have to put in information as to what is in the stack, and that would require me to spend time going through every piece of paper.  It is probably easier to just leave everything as it is, and then when I can’t find something, as a last resort, go in there and look for it.  And when I finally find it, walk out, feeling good about myself.


                Still, one of the coolest things in the world is to have a number of items to do on the “task bar” on the computer and to delete at least one of them.  That indicates progress to me.  Now, if I could find a way to do that with everything on that bed.


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