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ethics3Ethics in Business and the Marketplace


               A successful business person once said to me,  “There is no such thing as legal, corporate or business ethics…there is only ethics”.  Regardless of profession, people face similar ethical challenges, issues of right and wrong, what to do when adversity strikes, and just how to live a sound,  good and ethical life, whether it be personally or professionally.   Some people will tell you it is easy. Just treat everyone the way you would wish to be treated.  That of course is good advice. But the devil is in the details. 


               I have lived a life of high success and good ethical behavior. I have also lived one where I fell woefully short.  Mine is a life of public record, and my highs and lows are well documented.  But after it all, I believe I have learned what is essential to leading a happy and successful life, and ethical behavior is a big part of that.


               There are three questions you should ask of yourself.


·        Do you realize that truth is the most important asset you and your business have?

·        Are your consumers and customers better off when they are through dealing with you than they were when they first came to see you?

·        How do you want you and your business to be remembered?


Included in this section are several different speech topics that I have given. Some relate to attorneys, some to business and others to just about anyone.  Take a look at them and see what might be right for you.  If you want something different or a combination of several, that can be done.  These are just a sample.  In any event, thanks for stopping by, and Iook forward to hearing from you.




"I was fortunate to hear Jim Blackburn speak at a Bank Directors meeting and I knew right away Jim would relate to our people. Jim's story conveys that no matter how low your life circumstances get, you never, never give up. He reinforces that wherever you are in your walk of life; your mountaintop successes or your deep valley lows, your faith, family, friends and your relationships with people are the most important aspects of life.

Boddie-Noell has a vision and values statement we strive to live by. At the heart of our vision and values is "Simply Doing What is Right". Jim did what was right in facing his problems and turning his life around.

What a GREAT story of having it all, losing it and starting over."

– Mike Boddie
  President, Restaurant Operations
  Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc.


Doing the right thing sounds good and easy. It isn’t always. But it is the only real way.

Corporate Ethics – let me talk with you about what I have learned.

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