Ethics & Professionalism

Ethics & Professionalism

1)  Morning Program (3 hours Ethics & Professionalism — or — 2 hours Ethics & Professionalism and 1 hour Mental Health/Substance Abuse)

Hour One and Two Back to the Future

“What Jim have you learned from going through the experiences in your life that caused you to lose everything, including your law license, and have to start over completely?  No lawyer or anyone in the legal profession wants to go through what you did, but they do want to know what you have learned from your unique experiences, and more specifically, what if you were starting over, would you do differently?”

These questions were put to me recently by a former North Carolina Superior Court Judge who had served as such for over 23 years.  These questions were really not academic at all but rather an attempt to draw out from me anything he could to get at the heart of the matter, much as a trial court judge would do.  And I think he succeeded.

This program is based not just on the retelling of my own experiences as a lawyer, both good and bad, but rather an intensive search for what I have learned in the generation since I practiced law, and what I would do differently now, if I could go “Back to the Future”, be 25 years old again and start all over.  Would my personal and professional life have turned out differently?  Would I still be practicing law?  Would I be happy?

Hour Three Living Your Life in Technicolor

What are the thought patterns that someone goes through, and how difficult does a life have to be to consider suicide?  What about the lawyer in trouble with the Bar?  What about the lawyer who is being let go by his partners, or someone who simply cannot any longer make enough money?  What about the normal stresses of being a lawyer?

In the first portion of this one hour program, I tell in detail my own thought processes as I considered suicide and then ultimately why I rejected it completely, and the role that both my lawyers and psychiatrist played in my decision.

In the second half of the program, I use a broader brush to tell that the key path to good and sound mental health, and the avoidance of suicidal thoughts, is “living your life in technicolor and not in black and white”.  I will discuss my own personal journey and give insights I have learned from others, including my doctor, my lawyers, my family and friends and even lawyers I have met during the years I have done Continuing Education programs.

2)  Afternoon Program (3 hours Ethics & Professionalism)

Lawyers and Paralegals:  A Way Forward

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