Famous People can have Depression and yet appear Happy – How about You?

Famous People can have Depression and yet Appear Happy
How about you?
                So many times I have been asked what was depression like for you? Do you still have it? How would someone know? You appear happy most of the time. Is that real or not?
                I think there is a misconception about depression. So much of the advertising for medical treatment and medicine for this illness shows people looking sad and somewhat lost as they look at the weather outside where it is usually raining. These portraits make me want to scream for I think this is one reason for the misunderstanding of depression.
                A person can often function normally, be productive and lead a positive life.   And yet that person could possibly suffer from some form of depression. No one might ever know. But there appears to be something missing, some lack of purpose or focus, sometimes an inability to cope well with all that life brings, both personally and professionally.
                Very few people want to admit they suffer from depression. It is not a sexy illness, if any there be. It can be very silent.
                I am one of the lucky ones. So far as I know, I do not suffer from depression any longer and have not for many years. I am not on medication of any kind, nor do I see anyone professionally. But I would not hesitate to do so if I thought I needed help. At least I don’t think I would…I very much admire those people who do seek help and have the courage to admit it. They are the ones who are breaking down the barriers of prejudice and the lack of understanding that is still out there.
                That is why I want to share with you information about a Rolling Stone article concerning Rachel Maddow, the very popular and upbeat lady who hosts a nightly show on MSNBC. If you have ever watched her show, you would see a seemingly intense, motivated and happy person. She laughs a lot. She is very smart. But the June 27, 2012 story says in part that she “has seen the enemy…it’s the battles she fights every day with herself”.
                In the article Rachael Maddow tells the story of her own bouts with depression that she has endured for a long time. In doing so, I think she makes it easier for others to speak out, to seek help and for others still who do not suffer from depression, to understand in some way the nature of it all. That is no small thing.  

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