“If no one has died, everything can be fixed.”

“If no one has died, everything can be fixed”
                “My friend Wade Smith used to tell me that “if no one has died, everything can be fixed”.   I am not sure of the context in which he spoke…he might have been talking about me. He went on to say that things might not be fixed perfectly or put back the way it was, but a life could be improved.
                Just this Thursday morning, WRAL.com has a posting telling the tragic story of a ten year old girl from Columbus County who hanged herself Monday night after being bullied and bullied at school in part for the clothes and shoes she wore. On the week before Thanksgiving, or really anytime, it is incredible that this has happened. But it has, and it is likely to happen again.
                I have read a couple of stories similar to this in recent months with very different results. A Winston-Salem student also killed herself for similar reasons while a young boy, according to CBS News, while being bullied, did not. The difference in the outcome was due in part to the fact that one told about the personal situation while the other did not.
                Openness can save someone, and not telling can kill. Life is stressful enough for many adults. Imagine what it can be like for young people. So, if you have young children, or children of any age, or friends or family, talk with them. See how they are doing. Reach out to them. And…if it is you…do the same with others. If they or you are still here, it is never too late.

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