Interviews with Smith & Schneider

Ethics and Professionalism – Interviews with Wade Smith, Esq. and Alan Schneider, Esq. (1 hour)

This one hour inter-active DVD is in two parts. Both consist of interviews of Wade Smith, attorney with Tharrington Smith of Raleigh, and Alan Schneider, attorney with Cheshire, Parker, Schneider… of Raleigh.

Wade Smith is a Raleigh attorney who has practiced law for approximately 45 years. In 1993, he served as a major defense attorney for Jim Blackburn, not only in criminal proceedings in Wake County but also with respect to then pending matters before the North Carolina State Bar.  Recently, Mr. Blackburn interviewed Mr. Smith, in his Raleigh office, on the subject matter of professionalism and how lawyers should best practice law.  While discussing briefly some of Mr. Smith’s representation of Mr. Blackburn, Mr. Smith also talks about the role of professionalism in his own career and offers advice to young attorneys as to the best way in which to handle themselves within the legal profession.  It is an entertaining and useful insight from one of North Carolina’s premier attorneys.  The interview with Mr. Smith is approximately 30 minutes in length.

Alan Schneider is also a Raleigh attorney who focuses primarily on representing professionals before their respective licensing boards, in particular the North Carolina State Bar.  Mr. Schneider is well versed on what the Bar expects from lawyers from an ethical and professional context and for over 40 minutes in this interview with Mr. Blackburn, tells attorneys how to stay out of trouble with the Bar and what to do if they should find themselves in front a Bar panel at some point in the future. It is a compelling interview that is filled with useful information as to how to stay in the good graces of both clients and the North Carolina State Bar.

In order to make the program inter-active, Mr. Blackburn gives a brief overview of the interviews at the beginning and introduces each attorney. In addition, Mr. Blackburn gives out ways in which he can be contacted by the viewer, including both phone numbers and email addresses.  Finally, questions from the presentations of both Mr. Smith and Mr. Schneider are included in the DVD, answers of which must be provided to Mr. Blackburn before he will request Bar CLE approval for the participating viewer.

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