Learning to Write Again

Learning to Write Again
Years ago, after writing my first book Flame-Out, I thought it would be no time before I wrote a second book. Indeed on the back side of the first jacket cover, I wrote that I looked forward to practicing criminal law again, though this time through the writing of books. It didn’t happen.
Over the years, I found myself not able to write much more than a few paragraphs of some random fiction or starting a new outline for a book for the umpteenth time. I had no focus on what I wanted to say, and so I said virtually nothing. Every few months, someone would ask me about my next book, and I generally said I was working on it. But not really.
For years I thought I wanted to write about the Jeffrey MacDonald case until several of my friends gently told me that was a long time ago. And…the case is still open, so go figure.
Slowly I have come to the realization that there is so much to write about, and it is so easy to do with online publishing, ebooks and digital printing for regular books. Anyone can do it if he or she just starts.
My friends, Ray and Carolyn Stone from Dunn, North Carolina, have given me a wealth of material to write about their daughter Tara. There are legal stories happening every week that are stranger than fiction. And then recently I gave a copy of my book to a good friend who read it and told me after reading it twice that she still did not like it. She thought it was depressing, ended too soon and told nothing of the last years of my life and public speaking. So she said I should write another and try again, telling a different story of starting over.
So I am about to sit down, turn on the computer, and hopefully some inspiration will come. But for those of you who have the same problem, I understand. I think the trick is not so much to write the entire book in a weekend or month, but perhaps a few pages and then keep at it. That is probably the way to do lots of things.

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