Marketing 101 with Wade Smith

Marketing 101 with Wade Smith
                Earlier this week, I was at the 42nd Street Oyster Bar with some friends, and in walked Wade Smith, carrying a book, ready to eat dinner by himself at the Bar. Instead, he saw us and joined us for about an hour. Towards the end of the conversation, after hearing one of the participants tell him how much her daughter liked his nephew, Roger Smith, Jr., and what a good job he did in representing her, Wade told a story about marketing.
                Some time ago, the State Bar asked him and nine other lawyers to make a six minute presentation at the Bar Center in Cary. It was to be a one hour CLE presentation on marketing. Wade was the last to speak.
                While waiting his turn, he became alarmed as lawyer after lawyer stood up with a fancy video or power point presentation. Wade had none of those. Finally, it was his turn, and as he reached the podium, he decided to tell the audience the truth…that he really had not much to say and certainly no formal presentation by video.
                Wade just leaned forward and said that the philosophy he and his firm had was to treat every client as though he or she was the most important one the firm had, and if the case went to court or a jury trial, to make sure that every person in the courtroom, including the members of the jury, would want to hire him or his law firm if that person ever needed legal representation. And…each member of the firm tried hard to return every phone call and every email as quickly as possible.
                Finally, he told the story of his grandfather who had no formal education, and could neither read nor write. Before he made a closing argument to a judge or jury, Wade said he went somewhere by himself and sat quietly for a few minutes, gathering his thoughts, and telling his grandfather, this argument was for him. That way, he was sure he would be doing his best.
                That is marketing.

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