Night Falls Fast

Mental Health Study– Night Falls Fast

“Night Falls Fast” is a one hour story of depression, mental illness and the ever lurking threat of suicide in everyday life in general and the legal profession in particular.  It is also the story of how to rise above these difficulties and come out the other side in a hopeful and positive way.

Years ago, I experienced first hand the illness of depression that caused me to require medical help for over three years, including a brief stay at Duke Hospital’s psychiatric wing, intensive psycho-therapy and lots of prescribed anti-depressant medication. But my depression illness was different from many others in that it was very public and well known, not only to all my friends, but also to people whom I would never meet.

In many ways it was the publicity that saved me. I could not pretend I was not ill. I could no longer run away from it.  I really had no choice except to confront it and talk about it, getting better one week and not so much the next.  But over time, I got well.  Dr. Jean Spaulding, my doctor, once asked me two questions that I pose in these hour long programs.  First, “when is the last time you were carefree and happy?” and secondly, “what in your life is in Technicolor and what is in black and white?”  I believe positive answers to those questions went a long way to helping me survive and start over. They can do the same for you.

I talk about the symptoms of depression that can be seen in the legal profession, and I try to suggest answers that might help if you or someone you know is potentially suffering from depression.  It is a serious subject and deserves serious thought.  Here, you not only get one hour of Continuing Legal Education credit, hopefully you will get a lot more.

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