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North Carolina Video*:
Ethics Prologue video (20 minutes)
Part 1 Ethics & Professionalism video (30 minutes)  "Unforgiving Minute"
Part 2 Ethics & Professionalism video (30 minutes)  "Unforgiving Minute"
Part 3 Mental Health video (30 minutes)   "Night Falls Fast"
Part 4 Mental Health video (30 minutes)    "Night Falls Fast"
Part 5 Ethics & Professionalism video (30 minutes)  "Unforgiving Minute"
Part 6 Ethics & Professionalism video (30 minutes)   "Unforgiving Minute"

New Videos – Ten Ways to make You better at what you do –  video – A- Hour One – (15 minutes) video B – (15 minutes) – video C – (15 minutes) – video D – (final) – Ethics and Professionalism

Ten Ways to make You better at what you do video  AHour Two –  video  B – video -Ethics and Professionalism

Ten Ways to make You better at what you do – video – Hour Three – Mental Health

Making the most of Now – video – Hour One – Ethics and Professionalism
Makinng the most of Now – video – Hour Two – Ethics and Professionalism
Making the most of Now – video – Hour Three – Ethics and Professionalis

Starting Over Today/Hiding in Plain Sight/Good to Great – Lawyers, Paralegals & Clients

Starting Over Today – Hour One – video  Ethics and Professionalism

Starting Over Today – Hour Two – video Ethics and Professionalism

Hiding in Plain Sight – video One  Hour – Mental Health

Good to Great – Lawyers, Paralegals and Clients – Hour One – video – Ethics and Professionalism

Good to Great – Lawyers, Paralegals and Clients – Hour Two – videoEthics and Professionalism

Interview with Wade Smith & Alan Schneider video  One Credit Hour – Ethics and Professionalism

Bruno DeMolli – Trust Accounts video   1 credit hour (ethics and professionalism)

I Was From Venus and My Attorneys Were From Mars:  3 credit hours – : Prologue  Part one video   Part two video   Part three video

Just for Paralegals  3 credit hours –  Part One video   Part Two  video  Part Three  video

Whipping Up Justice – Chili, Cornbread & the Unforgiving Minute 1 credit hour – mental health video

The Other Side of the Curtain VideoOne Hour – Mental Health

Fatal Vision – MacDonald vs. Stombaugh – Video – 8 minutes




South Carolina Video:       "Night Falls Fast" – Mental Health  video                "The Unforgiving Minute" – Ethics and Professionalism   video


Audio only*:
Ethics Prologue audio MP3 (20 minutes)
Part 1 & 2 Ethics & Professionalism audio MP3 (60 minutes)
Part 3 & 4 Mental Health audio MP3 (60 minutes)
Part 5 & 6 Ethics & Professionalism audio MP3 (60 minutes)

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