Red Carpet Time

Red Carpet Time
                In the late fall of 2012, the South Carolina Bar CLE, in deciding that Continuing Education could be fun, or at least different, started a series of “Whipping Up Some Justice”, starring retired Family Court Judge Leslie Riddle, who loves to cook and loves to teach lawyers how to be better lawyers. The idea was to bring Judge Riddle together with someone, make that person a celebrity chef for one day, prepare and share a meal around a substantive CLE discussion. As South Carolina put it, they believed “program viewers…could watch an entertaining and instructive meal preparation, followed by a lively yet relaxed CLE presentation.”
                I was asked to join Judge Riddle, whom I now call Leslie, for her second show, which was filmed last fall. We met at a culinary school in downtown Columbia, and along with a full camera crew, staff of the Bar’s CLE division, the South Carolina Disciplinary Counsel, Lesley M. Coggiola, with whom Leslie and I would share lunch, we began to make chili, from Leslie’s personal recipe, and then along with the cornbread she had earlier made, we were ready for most anything.
                South Carolina now offers this video online for a full hour of approved CLE credit. I hope to soon have it available in North Carolina as well. In the meantime, however, the South Carolina Bar nominated this particular show for a national award by ACLEA, which is the international organization for Continuing Legal Education.
                On Friday, June 7, the envelope was opened, and we won the national award for Professional Excellence. I say “we” because I was the supporting chef that day, and because the program revolved around my own story and what I have learned from those events long ago.
                But I now know what someone who receives an award and feels as though he or she has to thank everyone is really thinking, which is “why am I here when I really didn’t do anything”? That is certainly true here for there were so many great people in South Carolina, who made this happen. As Judge Dupree used to say, “I won’t name everyone but you know who you are”. That is the way to stay out of trouble.
                The Red Carpet time is in Baltimore at the ACLEA annual convention in early August. Simply amazing!

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