The way we were – Reynolds high school reunion in Winston-Salem

The way we were – Reynolds High School reunion in Winston-Salem


                This weekend, starting on Friday night at a new baseball park in Winston-Salem, over two hundred folks with one common heritage will reconvene once again to celebrate our youth and remember “the way we were”.  When we were young, President Kennedy was in the White House, Cuba was one of our biggest threats, and we had drills as to what to do in case of a nuclear attack

                On a less serious note, the top movies were Spartacus and El Cid, with Dr. No (James Bond) not far behind.  The average cost of a new car was about $3,000.

                Now, years later, as we have done every ten years, some of us will get together again and try to remember who everyone is and what we once looked like.  Fortunately, I bet the name tags have senior pictures on them.

                I am looking forward to Saturday morning when we will tour the school once again. If you grew up in Winston-Salem, you knew Reynolds High School.  You knew Mr. Joyner, the long serving and sometimes feared principal.  You certainly knew Margaret McDermott who taught Latin to almost everyone who walked through the school doors and scared most of us when she called on us to translate.  You particularly liked having Hazel Stephenson teach you senior English and play out all the characters from Macbeth.

                But most of all, you liked Fridays in the fall when we had pep rallies, in the auditorium, before the football games that night in Bowman Gray stadium.  Reynolds auditorium…unbelievable…large, imposing and majestic, still standing like a beacon high above Reynolda Road, not far from downtown.  I still remember first learning to speak there before 1,500 – 2,000 kids my own age…a very tough audience.

                I started at Reynolds in the eighth grade and went there for five years.  They don’t do that any more, and haven’t for a long time…now it is a senior high school.  But for some of us, this weekend, time will stop, and we will hear once again the familiar voice of Mr. Joyner over the loudspeaker , coming into our classrooms as he talks about “the Reynolds High School”.




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