What Others are Saying

“His journey has taken him from the highest peaks to the deepest valleys.  I believe that it is in his valleys that he has found the greatest service to his fellows, the men and women in the business community and those of us who practice law.  It is here that he has the most important things to tell us.  We can figure out how to buy and sell or how to try a case.  But, he has another story to tell us and it is certainly this story which we need most to hear. I heartily recommend his message. It is clear and compelling.”

Wade Smith, Attorney,
  Raleigh NC

"I attended your seminar in Charlotte about a month ago and found it to be far more than a CLE–it was a challenge to personal integrity, character and humility in the calling to be a lawyer."

My best,
  David Gossett

"It is this story which we need most to hear. It is clear and compelling."

"Your unflinching honesty helps me a great deal in my own daily struggle with depression. Your testimony allowed me to stare into the face of my own worst nightmare, and realize how close I came to the abyss. Your book is some of the best therapy I've had in a while. I couldn't put it down, and finished it within a day."

"Jim Blackburn has a message that needs to be heard.  He is truly an advocate of human justice and I continue to pass his name on again and again."

– Melvin Wolfe,
  Accountant, Sharpsburg, NC

"Jim Blackburn made a dynamic presentation to the Commissioners and hearing officers of the North Carolina Industrial Commission. His story, told sincerely and emotionally, warns of the pitfalls of taking yourself too seriously and falling victim to the pressures of the job. Jim established rapport with his audience. His story is from the heart. His message is 'on target' and provides a detailed survival plan for everyone in a high stress job. Jim Blackburn is a 'must see and hear' for the business and legal community."

– Buck Lattimore, Chairman,
  North Carolina Industrial Commission.

"You were a smash hit."

"Just a note to let you know your inspirational speech …this past week has helped me to remember there can be light in our darkest moments. I particularly love the quote `…that within me lay an invincible summer."' "It is difficult for lawyers, and other folks, to realize that they are not alone in battling clinical depression. Please keep telling your story." "Blackburn was unbelievable."

– Evaluation after the Speech to the
  Bankruptcy Institute)

 was fortunate to hear Jim Blackburn speak at a Bank Directors meeting and I knew right away Jim would relate to our people. Jim's story conveys that no matter how low your life circumstances get, you never, never give up. He reinforces that wherever you are in your walk of life; your mountaintop successes or your deep valley lows, your faith, family, friends and your relationships with people are the most important aspects of life.

Boddie-Noell has a vision and values statement we strive to live by. At the heart of our vision and values is "Simply Doing What is Right". Jim did what was right in facing his problems and turning his life around.

What a GREAT story of having it all, losing it and starting over."

– Mike Boddie
  President, Restaurant Operations
  Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Inc.

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