What people want is to know they are going to be okay!

What people want is to know they are going to be okay!
                For some time, I have been asking people who attended my Continuing Education programs what it was they thought clients wanted most. The answers have ranged from “they want to win ; they want money; they want revenge; they don’t want to pay either much child support and no alimony to whatever you can imagine. Only in a few instances have people said to me “ I think they want to know they are going to all right or okay.”
                Years ago when I first met with Wade Smith in a local restaurant to talk briefly about my collapsing legal situation, I could have asked all sorts of questions about the law and what he thought my chances were to avoid legal jeopardy. But what he told me most directly was that I would survive whatever was coming, and that we could put me back together again. I asked him how, and he responded that he didn’t quite know, but that he was sure it could be done.
                I had no idea then what was to ultimately happen to me, or how long it would all take or the direction in which my life would go. But I took great heart from his words and counsel that all was not lost. Wade is still fond of saying that “if no one has died, everything can be fixed”. And so it can.
                Today, if you watch the news on television or the computer or read a newspaper, you can’t help but be amazed at the problems we can cause ourselves and the difficulties we can face. Almost weekly, there is some story of some public person taking a fall. But for every public person, I bet there are many more private ones.
                And that is the rub. All of us make mistakes and have to start over somewhere at some point in our lives. When I faced my own biggest struggle, what I wanted most was to know I would survive and ultimately be okay. That trumped everything else. It still does. 
                So if you face some adversity just now, take a long view. Don’t get too bogged down in the details, which while very important, do not represent your end game or how you will turn out at when it is over.
                What you want, what you need and what you deserve is to be treated as though you will be okay. The greatest lawyers and /or paralegals or really anyone who seeks to help others  are those who to try to make a person’s situation better at the end than in the beginning.

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