Why the Tablecloth Story again

Why the Tablecloth Story Again



I first published The Tablecloth Story in a blog on December 10, 2010, and then a second time as the front story of the Newsletter on December 15, 2011.  And today, December 18, 2012, I am putting it out there for a third time, and you might wonder why. 

After our mom passed away in late summer of 2010, my younger brother was going through her notes and papers and discovered this story. He sent it to me, and it just resonated with me completely.  As I have traveled over several states this last year, including Oklahoma, Kentucky, and both North and South Carolina, I have realized once again how much people want hope….almost more than anything else.  They want to know that they and their families are going to be okay. 

In my programs to lawyers and paralegals and indeed in presentations to trade associations and just people anywhere, I often say that is what everyone wants most.  And yet…in recent weeks, I have been in the presence of people who either have lost hope completely or know folks who have. 

In Florence, South Carolina, just two weeks ago, I was speaking about the mental illness of depression as part of a Continuing Education program that South Carolina now requires its lawyers to take. I was just starting into a familiar conversation with everyone when someone raised his or her hand and told me of a once prominent attorney in that city who had recently taken his own life and left a disaster behind. 

The very next day, after speaking to another group of attorneys in Columbia, South Carolina, an attorney stopped me outside the conference room to show me a series of texts that she was writing and receiving from a friend of hers who was locked in a house, saying he had lost all hope and was considering taking his life. 

And then… of course, there are all the present day stories of gun violence taking the lives of children. 

All of this brings me back to the story I have repeated here in my newsletter yet again.  For a very good reason – it is a story about hope and an eventual happy ending.  Today, it seems the thing to do.


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